Research and Development


STARD Research and Development

RD-1.jpgSTARD sets the manufacturing of high-end valves as its development strategy and the technological innovation ability as its core competitiveness, challenging valve design and manufacturing continuously.Strad has set up a valve R&D center and established an efficient technological research system and personnel training mechanism.We insist on the combination of new product development and experimental study and the combination of advanced foreign technologies and in-house research, applying new technologies, 3D technology, finite element theory, and new materials into valve design and development and pushing the process of valve design towards standardization, serialization, and general-purpose application. We are to make continuous exploration and innovation and improve the technological level of valve products to better meet the market needs, serving the world with Strad valves. After more than a decade of continuous efforts towards technological innovation, Strad has established unique product features in the hard seal ball valve and cryogenic valve sectors as well as in the development of new materials and the improvement of valve fireproof structure and sealing mechanism, which receive high recognition from the market.