Advanced Manufacturing


STARD Advanced Manufacturing

Modernized equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, well-established quality control means, and the existence of an honesty, rigorous, and efficient manufacturing team constitute the first guarantee for STARD to produce high quality valves.SB-1.jpg A strict and sound management system is critical for high efficient operation of the company. STARD has been sparing no effort to promote the reform of its enterprise system, with the intention of ensuring rapid and healthy development of the company with an optimized modern enterprise management mode.SB-2.jpg STARD can ensure its control over the supply chain from raw materials to finished products. We have in place a well established and implemented quality assurance and management system, and a full set of management rules and regulations formulated in line with international standards and covering 6S management, ERP, logistics and distribution, warehousing, purchasing, accounting, quality specifications, employee code of conduct, and occupational health and safety, which enable us to provide quality valves in a timely manner.